Announcement: 2019 Summer Camp


welcome to 2019 summer Camp.

to ensure the safety of your child during our program, please be aware the following Procedures:

Drop Off

Please drop your child off at 9am at the back of the schools building(Enterance Door No 3) . Class signs will be seen to indicate where your child should line up. Please wait for our instructors to pick the students up. Please DO NOT leave your child unsupervised outside the school building. For Safety reasons, no adults are allowed in the building.


Late Arrival:

If your child arrives late, please wait in the front foyer. Our staff or volunteers will walk your child to his/her classroom. Please do not walk your child to the classroom.


Pick up

The main entrance will re-open at 11:30am and 4pm sharp for pickup. If your child only attends the program in the morning.  Please pick up your child on time at 11:30 am at the front foyer.    11:30am is the designated pick up time for morning program campers, and 4pm is the pickup time for full day campers.  Between 4pm to 4:15 will be dismissed at Door #3. If it rains, all the students will be dismissed from their classrooms. For those who are signed up for daycare, please pick up your child from main entrance between 4pm to 5:30p.m.

Early Pick up

We do not encourage students to be pick up early because this will disrupt the class. However, we understand that there are times when this in necessary. In this case, a written and signed note must be submitted in advance directly to the office. We will bring your child to meet you ant the front foryer at pick up time. The written note must contain the following information:

Students  name(first and last)/ Grade Level, Class Room Number/ Name of person who is picking up your child/ your contact number/ Time of pick up/ Your signature

Please note that students will not be released without a written and signed note.

Office Number:

If there is an urgent matter or emergency, Please leave a voice message to 416-395-3252. We will call you back shortly.


We have students sttending our school who suffer from life-threatening allergies. Therefore,  we ask for your cooperation in not sending any snacks(except for water) with your child to school.

Please never send food containing peanuts to school.

Inform your child’s class number, instructor name, classroom number

Please find your children’s class number and stand in line at the back side door #3

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